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Bila Kawasan Bersalji Juga Mampu Meletuskan Volcanonya Sendiri, Ini Pelik !

Teruja tengok gambar-gambar ini, tapi kalau koarng semua nak tahu mengapa ianya terjadi kami kongsikan dalam bahasa inggeris.

During the winter months, when the Great Lakes in North America freezes over, a unique feature called “ice volcanoes” start forming along the edge of the frozen lakes. As winter ice begins to build along the shores of large lakes, strong winds blowing onshore and wave motion on the waters break up the ice, and they start piling on top of each and building what is known as an ice shelf. Amongst the numerous ice blocks comprising a shelf, many develops cracks.

Waves coming into shore from deeper water strike the edge of the ice shelf, causing them to go under the ice and as the water depth becomes shallow, the energy in the wave causes it to rise up, just like a tsunami. When the energetic wave finds a crack on the ice sheet, it causes the water to sprout creating an ice volcano. If the hole is covered with snow, the eruption may spray snow outward like a volcanic gas cloud.

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